What does Sustainability Mean at AE Works?

April 14th, 2015

To us, sustainable design is a way of thinking and understanding how our not only our designs impact the environment, but how we impact the environment.    From resources and travel to energy and waste, we are always thinking about our footprint and understanding the relationship of how we work with the environment and our vision to create a world where everyone is relevant.

It means that we behave in ways that are more responsible to the earth and to people by…

  • Reducing costs through eco-efficiency
  • Reducing consumption by being more aware and responsible
  • Driving innovation by setting meaningful, yet realistic eco goals
  • Better managing our supplies and resources
  • Operating in an ethical and transparent manner

We’re working hard to better understand our footprint and how we can reduce it.  Here are just a few of the accomplishments that we’re proud to share!

  1. Started and improved composting in Pittsburgh and State College
  2. Started and improved recycling more consistently
  3. Use in-house dishes and cutlery more
  4. We’re considering waste at every event in terms of what we purchase and how we clean up
  5. We turn off lights in unused spaces more often
  6. Learning more about alternative energy sources.  We’re so thankful to be housed in a building where the investment in solar has been made.   This installation, made possible through a state grant, benefits local non-profits. We’re excited to see how this impacts our neighbors GTECH and Grow Pittsburgh.  We will have access to the online monitoring system, a great learning opportunity that we will apply on our projects!
  7. Use working from home strategically to help reduce our footprint.  With a number of staff who live 25+ miles from our offices, we’ve invested in the technology & services to keep us connected and collaborating!
  8. Have people dedicated to making improvements – go green team!
  9. Asking our partners and clients to reduce paper submissions.
  10. We share rides, use of the love shuttle, and bike to reduce travel associated with meetings and commuting.


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