#emojiCAN412, paying it FWD through design

August 9th, 2017

Design doing good.  That’s something we get to do everyday as architects and engineers.  And we had the opportunity to add some fun competition to that mission during this year’s Canstruction® event. Canstruction® is a charity that hosts competitions to design and build giant structures made of cans of food.  After the big build day, the sculptures become a public art exhibition.  Following the event, all cans are donated to local hunger relief organizations.

This year we donated 2,300+ cans to North Hills Community Outreach.  In total, the cans weighed about 2 tons!

Great work by the #emojican412 AE Works team.  The team also received the award for Best Use of Labels for our sculpture “Emoji This: Food For All.”

10/24 Green Builders Symposium – excited to be presenting on the green possibilities for our region… https://t.co/pAhgynTX8t

see more reasons why our city is awesome #pittsburgh https://t.co/20NbhP6evm

Office pets of Pittsburgh – including our awesome Tank! https://t.co/JnPBX2AGQx https://t.co/A8Dc7bdBwN