Green Workplace Challenge Update

Green Workplace Challenge Update – JoAnn Rizzo, ECO Chair


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This year AE Works has thrown our hat into the ring to compete in Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challenge (GWC).   We are participating in the small business category and are fortunate to have the 2015 Small non-profit winner, GTECH Strategies, as our neighbor and GWC mentor.

Completed Actions to Date

  • Transportation – All staff in our Pittsburgh office have set up an online account with CommuteInfo and have received reports on commuting alternatives in order to make more informed decisions regarding our daily commute.
  • Water –  On Thursday, September 22nd 9 AE Workers went on a Tour of ALCOSAN’s (Allegheny County Sanitary Authority)  Wastewater  Treatment  Facility. We toured this 59 acre facility and learned about water quality in our region.
  • Energy –  We have created an EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager account and have input our energy, water & materials management (waste) data. By doing this we can better keep track of and hopefully reduce our usage.
  • Materials Management (Waste) – We have done a preliminary waste audit to set our baseline and are implementing a central area for trash & recycling  by taking away all cans from individual desks with the intention of reducing our waste production and increasing our diversion rate. (MM1)
  • Air Quality – We participated in the  ROCIS (Reducing Outdoor Contaminants in Indoor Spaces)  Low-Cost Monitoring Project (LCMP) . This was a 3 week monitoring program in which we monitored particles, CO (carbon monoxide), CO2 (carbon dioxide), radon, temperature & humidity.

Building Community

Through our participation in this competition, we’ve had the opportunity to welcome community partners into our office. Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Emily Palmer, Carol Pan and Anastasia Stolz helped us kick things off with a presentation on GWC.    We also had Lisa Kay Schweyer from Southwestern Pennsylvanian Commission’s CommuteInfo Program share their mission and swing by the office in one of their commuter vans.

Additionally, we’re excited to participate in the Team aspect of the competition. Our “East” team consists of GTECH Strategies, East End Food Coop, Fireman Creative, Homewood Children’s Village, Optimus Technologies, Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse & Shift Collaborative. We are excited to learn from one another and look forward to partnering in some sustainability initiatives!



Our mentor GTECH Strategies has been very supportive from the onset of the competition this summer and have helped us out tremendously. They’ve answered our questions, given us pep talks and helped us out with our strategy plan. Our monthly meetings allow us to check up on each other and keep us on target.




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