AE Works’ President Confirmed on Board of Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania

July 20th, 2015

Michael Cherock, AE Works President and CEO has been confirmed as a Board Member on the Board of Directors of Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania (VLPWPA).   With an important mission to improve the quality of life of local veterans, service members and their families, VLPWPA provides critical housing, employment, and other essential support services.  Home to one of the largest concentrated veteran populations in the country, Pennsylvania has a pressing need for organizations like VLPWPA that deliver these essential services to help veterans and their families as they make the transition back home.  In fact, according to the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics, Allegheny County itself is home to over 90,000 veterans.

Cherock, a veteran himself, started his career in the U.S. Navy as a nuclear trained power plant operator aboard fast-attack submarines.  His service in the Navy shaped his leadership and belief system that everything in the world, including business, is about people.  Driven by this experience, Michael started AE Works to create a company whose vision serves a higher purpose to nurture opportunity for meaningful work and relationships.  From designing patient-centered care environments at VA Medical Centers throughout the country to team SOCIAL activities focused on paying it forward, Michael has instilled this passion for people at AE Works.

Over the past three years, Cherock and the staff at AE Works have worked closely with VLPWPA, supporting events like Stand Down Pittsburgh that provides free services to homeless veterans and Project Journey, an emergency transitional housing program where organizations “adopt” a home and prepare it for new Veteran families.

“Being a part of creating a new home for someone is such important work.  The team at AE Works and I have gained so much from our work with VLPWPA.  I feel very fortunate to be able to continue my relationship with VLPWPA and do work that I love, asserts Cherock.

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