Highlighted AE Work-er James Annab

September 22nd, 2017

A Mechanical Designer, James assists engineers in the design and construction administration of HVAC systems for AE Works’ building projects.  All his work results in energy efficient, comfortable and healthy spaces for our clients and those who use the spaces we create.

James is also our resident 3D printer expert.  What started as a cool hobby to mold lightsabers (he’s a huge Star Wars fan) and T-rex skulls has transpired into printing 3D models of our projects and even our own in-house signage. Helping people and taking things apart and putting them together is in James’ DNA and why he became a Mechanical Designer.

James shares a little more in this month’s design Q&A. Check it out below.

Q. Why do you like best working at AE Works?
A. The people. AE Workers are highly skilled and also so friendly and helpful. We’ve built a good community.   And I say “community” because we’re a group of different people with many different skills that when combined make the environment and our projects better.

Q. Why did you want to pursue a career in mechanical engineering?
A. I like the science and mathematics and being able to use my skill set to help people. It’s not good when you’re in a space and the equipment is loud or you’re cold. I help people when those systems work together in harmony to create a comfortable environment where people are able to focus on what they do best. I know I’ve done my job well when people don’t notice its there.

Q. What gets you excited on a project?
A. Incorporating sustainable design and energy efficient measures on projects. For instance, on one project, I’m designing aground source heat pump.  That system is a sustainable heating and cooling solution that uses the earth to support efficiency.  In the winter, the earth is used as a heat source and in the summer a heat sink to regulate temperatures.  Sustainable design and energy efficiency that we need to do as human beings.  That’s a big part of our Triple Bottom Line model at AE Works and another reason I love working here.

Q. How do you have fun at AE Works?
A. We do a lot of interesting things like supporting community groups to make an impact where we live. Mutt Strut, a community dog walk to support Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, is one event we participated in recently – along with our dogs. We do cool things with the 3D printer, have happy hours, but really it just comes down to the people here that make AE Works fun.

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