Equal Voice and Opportunity for all: Meet Aaron Adams, AE Works’ newest Mechanical Designer

September 4th, 2020

AE Works is full of proud Blue and White alumni. Welcoming Aaron Adams, a recent AE graduate, we continue to grow our roster of Penn State alumni. Adams is a recent 2020 graduate with a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Emphasis. 

A Pittsburgh native, Adams spent last summer as an intern with the AE Works. He was particularly drawn to the firm due to the locations of the offices, including its Pittsburgh headquarters, and also the large network of PSU AE’s within the company. 

“Having the opportunity to come home and work in Pittsburgh for a company who receives a lot of recognition was huge for me,” Adams shared.

Recent firm awards include making the premier Architectural Record 300 List, the largest Architecture firms in the country, in addition to multiple times landing on the Inc. 5000 and ENR Top Mid Atlantic Design Firms lists.

Along with being close to home, Adams appreciates the integration and collaboration that exists throughout the firm, and adds that he feels like a valued employee right off the bat.

“I’m getting into the swing of things quickly. A lot of other companies I talked with said that there would be a year of training before I would actually get any work, but at AE Works, I have my own projects and am working with the team throughout many different disciplines,” said Adams. “I’m learning something new everyday. This approach makes me confident and comfortable that I made a great choice with choosing AE Works.”

Adams noted that unlike any of the other businesses he had talked with, AE Works wanted each employee to have a complete understanding of what each department did. 

“In most companies, you are part of your department and that’s what you stick to. Here, with the O-card process, we are required to learn about each department’s duties… This method is very beneficial in creating strong team chemistry,” Aaron said. 

The O-card process is something that President and CEO, Mike Cherock, PE took from his time in the Navy. It’s goal is to illustrate that like a well oiled machine, each part has a key role in keeping the machine running. In AE Works’ circumstance, each department has their responsibilities that ultimately lead to the success of the company. 

As a student walking through the Bryce Jordan Center, Adams reflects on the impact AE Works had made on him.

“The booth stood out because of how the colors in the logo popped. It was attractive and I was immediately drawn into it. But what was most surprising to me was how positive the employees were when talking to me,” Adams said. “They were happy, welcoming, and wanted to know me and my story. It made me realize that the booth was not a front to get people to just work for them, but to join their rapidly growing team.”