Highlighted AE Work-er Beverly Shelby, NCIDQ  – AE Works Interior Designer

August 4th, 2017
AE Works interior design Pittsburgh

Leading interior design and space planning efforts, Beverly brings her passion for her craft, eye for the “wow” details and energetic personality to every AE Works project. She works closely with AE Works architects and engineers every day to develop great design solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Interior design is in Beverly’s DNA. As a curious 5th grader, she spied a floor plan in a Howard Hannah ad and immediately gravitated toward it and drew her own floor plans complete with bean bag rooms! A friend of her family who was involved in construction gave her blueprints and that stoked the passion she has today for design.

Beverly shares a little more in this month’s design Q&A. Check it out below.

Q: Why do you love being a designer? A: As building designers we make spaces functional and safer – and that impacts people’s lives. I love the details of design. The sculptural aspects of furniture, the unique qualities of a finish and the impact of color or a thoughtful arrangement of space – the details are where artistry and mathematics meet. Design is beautiful and functional.

Q: What do you best like about working at AE Works? A: Everyone has a passion to do great work. It’s so inspiring to work with people who bring their best and that challenges you to be the best you can. Together, as a team, we deliver design solutions that move people and organizations forward.

Q. What is most exciting about the design process? A: Collaboration. At AE Works, I work with architects and engineers every day. When you’re all together sharing ideas and building on those ideas, that’s when awesome things happen.

Q: Share a fun fact about you! A: From dressing my daughter in Prince and Michael Jackson Halloween costumes to enjoying my favorite Pittsburgh movie Flashdance – I’m all about music and dance!