Beautiful.   Functional.   Contextual.

We believe architecture and engineering is a canvas to express what’s important to an organization, an opportunity to represent values and give meaning to vision. From improving a layout to enable teamwork, to incorporating new energy efficient designs for overall efficiency, to strengthening staff satisfaction and identification with organizational core values thru the aesthetic, the built environment has impact.  With the strategy and innovation of design, we represent the best of our client’s values and beliefs and enable long-term goals.

Richard Witt, Jr., AIA  – Chief Design Officer
Mary McCarty – Business Development

Sustainable Design

Holistic. Value add. Data driven.

To us, sustainable design is a way of thinking and understanding how our designs impact the environment. We believe that sustainable design isn’t a system of points, but a way of thinking about design and understanding the relationship of our designs with the environment, project vision, and client mission.   We discuss sustainability goals at project inception, incorporating thoughtful energy-efficient systems, materials and designs from day one.


  • LEED for Interiors, Renovations, and New Construction
  • Green Roof Design
  • Energy efficient infrastructure—VRF, LED lighting, controls, solar water heating, geothermal technologies


  • Registered LEED Accredited Professionals – 40% of team accredited


Appealing. Purposeful. Thoughtful.

We work to understand how spaces fit together to mold functional and aesthetically-pleasing designs that represent values and give meaning to vision.

Listening to people’s stories and observing their interactions, we craft spaces that enhance their well-being and support our client’s missions, better enabling them to fulfill their goals and live out their passions.


  • 3D modeling/ visualization
  • Code Review and Survey
  • Construction Documents and specifications
  • Facility condition assessments
  • LEED Design
  • Master-planning
  • Programming
  • Regulatory Agency Approval Assistance
  • Space Planning

Team Qualifications:

  • Registered Architects with the AIA
  • Certified Planner credentials
  • LEED Accredited Professionals

Interior Design

Welcoming. Sustaining. Intriguing.

Merging function with beauty, we aspire to elevate experiences and enrich lives with the impact of aesthetics. Color, materials, furnishing and space organization impact how we live in a very real way.  We take care of people by incorporating design details and features that enhance their experience of a space.


  • 3D Modeling
  • Accessibility Implementation
  • Code Review
  • Furniture Research & Selection
  • LEED Design
  • Master planning
  • Materials Research & Selection
  • Space Planning

Team Qualifications:

  • NCIDQ certified Interior Designer
  • LEED Accredited

Lighting Design

Ambient. Comfortable. Custom-made.

Diving into energy calculations is our idea of a good time.  Our exploration of the art and science of lighting translates into attractive, comfortable, flexible and energy-efficient designs to enhance the experience of a space.   Our designers investigate new and innovative ways to light a space to support the vision of a project, enhancing ambiance and occupant experience.


  • Photometric calculations
  • Custom luminaire design
  • Daylight analysis and integration
  • Digital lighting control systems
  • Photorealistic renderings
  • Lighting master planning
  • Fixture mockups

Team Qualifications:

  • NCQLP Certified Designers
  • Professional Engineers
  • LEED Accredited Professionals

Mechanical Engineering

Comfortable. Efficient. Harmonious.

Investigating the latest energy efficient systems, scoping out holistic HVAC concepts, and developing designs to support a healthy building – that’s our focus to provide maximum levels of comfort while meeting code-required airflow (air changes) with energy conservation always in mind.

Drawing from an architectural engineering background, our engineers understand the delicate balance between building systems and aesthetics.  By visualizing spatial relationships to make sure that everything fits in the provided space, our engineers deliver their art by weaving ductwork and piping in buildings and incorporating the systems, sizing all equipment and providing the required connections to make it all work together in energy efficient harmony.


  • HVAC Design: Central Chiller Plants, Central Boiler Plants, Packaged and Split DX systems, Automated temperature control, Process Exhaust and Ventilation
  • Energy Modeling & Analysis
  • Systems design: ductwork, chilled water and DX cooling, hot water, steam or electric heat, radiant floor, geothermal, energy recovery, and building automation controls
  • Specification writing including developing control sequences
  • Utility studies and building assessments

Team Qualifications:

  • Professional Engineers
  • LEED Accredited

Electrical Engineering

Reliable. Safe. Responsive.

Passionate about merging theory-driven electrical engineering with a people centric view to designing buildings, our electrical engineers develop solutions that power and light buildings to connect occupants with one another and all the systems, data and technology ever present and evolving in our lives.  We embrace the challenge of complex infrastructure and steer our efforts into designs that meet future facility distribution needs to meet short-term operational needs and long-term vision.  


  • Building power distribution systems, including extensive lab, healthcare and mission critical systems
  • Medium voltage / campus power distribution
  • Emergency and standby power distribution
  • UPS systems and critical/clean power systems
  • Power quality assessments and recommendations
  • Renewable energy feasibility and payback analysis

Team Qualifications:

  • Registered Engineers
  • LEED Accredited Professionals
  • Nuclear-power plant trained operators

Plumbing Design

Protected. Healthy. Fluid.

Focused on delivering healthy, safe buildings for people while protecting the environment, our team designs efficient and code-compliant hot and cold water, sanitary and vent, storm water, and compressed air systems.  Our proven portfolio includes “traditional” systems as well as the engineering and design of specialized research and healthcare plumbing systems.


  • Domestic water distribution systems: cold water, hot water, hot water recirculation, medical gas systems, natural gas piping systems
  • Sanitary and Storm Drainage: sanitary waste piping, grease waste, vent, storm drainage, foundation drainage, oil and grease removal, sump pumps and sewage ejectors
  • Plumbing fixture selection.

Team Qualifications:

  • Professional experience with an average 20 years of experience

Fire Protection

Comprehensive. Custom. Holistic.

AE Works’ design expertise extends far beyond the traditional fire sprinkler system design. We match every fire protection design challenge with the right, integrated response.  Using leading- edge technology, our team is able to develop unique design strategies as well as validate alternative design solutions for every challenge during design thru construction.

AE Works strives to provide each facility a solution to ensure lives are protected and building codes are met without compromising design integrity.


  • Wet Sprinkler Systems: Sprinkler layout, piping, drains, flow control valves, tamper switches and flow indicating devices
  • Standpipe systems: Water supply, piping distribution, Fire Department connections and valves
  • Dry and Pre-action systems: Valves, sprinklers, heat detectors and air maintenance devices.
  • Fire Pumps: Pump sizing and selection, piping, valving and control layout
  • Clean Agent systems: Distribution piping, nozzle layout, photoelectric and heat detectors, pull stations, strobes, horns and alarm interface

Team Qualifications:

  • Fire Protection Designer with 20 years of  experience

Security & Technology Systems

Integrated. Agile. Seamless.

Our team of professional engineers and registered communications distribution designers understand the infrastructure required to interconnect the myriad of systems present in today’s data driven buildings. We are proficient in integrating complex cabling and networks seamlessly into a building structure.  We are at the forefront of an ever changing industry, designing building systems now to meet the needs of tomorrow. We provide integrated systems solutions, leveraging each system’s capabilities by maximizing interconnection and data sharing to create smarter buildings.


  • Audio / Visual
  • Security /access control: campus wide systems including biometrics, CCTV and automated analytics
  • CATV
  • VOIP and horizontal cabling
  • Fiber optic solutions
  • Fire alarm
  • IoT integration including in-building real time user tracking
  • Nurse Call
  • Overhead Paging      
  • Wireless Access


  • Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs)
  • Professional Engineers
  • LEED Accredited Professionals

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