B Local Mid: Atlantic Event Follow-up: Continuing the conversation on diversity, inclusion and equity

August 17th, 2017
B Corps

AE Works is excited to be a steering committee member of B Local: Mid Atlantic, a group of Certified B Corps from DC, Maryland, VA, PA and beyond working to foster connections among organizations in our region who share our purpose and passion for using business as a force for good.  As a part of our involvement, we have helped organize events to help businesses act on their purpose to achieve social and environmental impact.

At our B Local Mid Atlantic panel discussion on The Impact of Diversity, Inclusion & Equity in the Workplace, our panel from B Corps and Non-profits offered diverse perspective and insights on what being an inclusive company means, why it matters and what offered ideas for attendees to bring diversity into their organizations.  Some highlights and key takeaways from the discussion included:

  • Sampriti Ganguli, Chief Executive Officer of Arabella Advisors, shared how asking for feedback and listening shaped and developed their internal program diversity and inclusion and helped them be a better company.
  • Jonathan J. Halperin, Head, External Affairs for Greyston, shared more about their Open Hiring and importance of community to their business.  This TED talk shares more about the Greyston story: http://greyston.com/ted/
  • John-Anthony C. Meza, Senior Director Human Resources & Office Administration of
    Raffa spoke about the importance of integrating staff members’ tribes, groups they identify with into professional and employee programs for more engagement opportunities.
  • Jimena Vallejos with the Poverty Stoplight Program shared more about how they work with families to trace their poverty map and develop and then implement a clear plan to overcome it.  Aiming to improve the quality of life of those they work with through this program, Poverty Stoplight looks at more than financial aspects in their assessment of poverty, but other important life factors such as health and wellness.

We are thankful to our panelists for sharing their stories and all the great questions from those who attended! To continue the conversation, we are sharing lots of great resources to support the positive impact of diversity, inclusion and equity efforts within your organization: