Meet AE Worker Eric Good: Driving Forward an Exceptional Client Experience

September 25th, 2019

To celebrate and officially mark an AE Worker’s 5-year anniversary, a bobblehead of that staff member is created and added to the office bobblehead shelf.  Our newest 5-year tenured AE Worker is Eric Good, firm travel maestro.

Eric is the fearless driver of AE Works’ Big Love van, which gets our team safely to project meetings and site visits.  At the helm of Big Love, Eric enables in-person collaboration on projects complete with time for team members to catch up on email, participate on a call or get in some R&R.  He works hard to add comfort into project travel so that we can do what we do best as designers, engineers and consultants.


Having orchestrated travel to the firm’s projects in 11 eastern states over the past five years, Eric has seen a lot on the road and at AE Works.  That’s over 138,000 miles to be exact!  Today, Eric is just as excited as he was years ago about his work.   Travel is a part of that excitement, but it goes much beyond that.

“I’m looking forward to travel for new projects and seeing those projects in the skylines of different communities.  The company culture and growth energizes me, “ he shares.

Eric honed his driving skills touring with punk rock bands throughout the contiguous forty-eight states in addition to professional delivery and transportation.  On those trips he logged a lot of highway miles and navigated large cities like New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC, now locations where AE Works is working on projects.

“I’ve always been fascinated by maps and used them heavily in my touring days before GPS and apps like Waze existed.  The details of how cities are organized is very applicable to what we do as building designers – planning the experience of a space and efficient movement through it.  Those details are important to someone’s experience of a space, and in terms of a city, the feel of a community, “ Eric describes.

The planning of travel is one reason why Eric joined AE Works.  As AE Works is a Certified B Corporation that meets rigorous standards for environmental and social performance, company footprint and taking care of staff is part of the firm’s DNA.   With Eric behind the wheel of Big Love, AE Works has reduced thousands of meeting miles from shared trips in addition to providing safe travel for staff.  In the company of Warby Parker, Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s, AE Works is in good company using business for good and also one of only a handful of architecture & engineering firms in the world to meet such stringent standards.

While Japan is on Eric’s top list of locations for driving, he’s especially found of the Pennsylvania Turnpike that gets the team to many of AE Works’ project locations throughout the region.

“The Turnpike is a straight shot and rarely backed up.  I want to make sure we get where we are going on time so our team members are relaxed and feel ready for their meetings.  It’s all a part of delivering an exceptional client experience,” Eric states.

Ready to go, that is Eric’s mantra.  Echoing the firm’s values, he is always “present and relevant” for travel and lending a hand, or a trip, to help the firm get where it is going and growing.