Free Webinar 3/18 Noon: Coronavirus Crisis – Resiliency and Safety in the Workplace

March 13th, 2020

The evolving circumstances of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and related market unpredictability have created significant human impact and operational challenges for businesses. 

Hosted by a leading organizational psychologist and workplace safety expert, this webinar will discuss actionable ideas to maintain resiliency and safety in the workplace. Whether you are currently experiencing business disruption or wish to prepare for challenges that may lie ahead, join us as we review how to:

  • Plan to mitigate current and future sources of business stress
  • Proactively manage employee reactions and telework environments 
  • Implement communications focused on results
  • Identify new opportunities to strengthen relationships with your stakeholders during this challenging situation


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Herb Brychta, PSP, CISSP – Workplace Safety and Security Expert

Herb Brychta is a strong leader with extensive and progressively responsible experience spanning Security, Anti-Terrorism, Emergency Management, and Workplace Safety.  Having experience in the military, healthcare sector, and private industry, in capacities ranging from company command to small group leadership, he brings years of experience of preparation for evolving emergency situations and deploying measures to mitigate impact. Experience includes assessment of over 10 million SF of facilities for security and continuity of operations in addition to completing workplace safety evaluations which have saved employers $2 billion in costs.  


Richard S. Citrin, Ph.D., MBA – Organizational Psychologist, Citrin Consulting

Richard changes the way people thrive in their organizations. Over the past 25 years his clients have transformed their approach to work, health and leadership by speaking their truth and find the wisdom they did not know they possessed.

Richard’s recent book, The Resilience Advantage changed the way people think about stress in their lives affording them an opportunity to address challenges and adversity in a totally new way and his newest book, released in November, 2019 and called Strategy Driven Leadership shows how organizations can develop and grow their next generation of leaders.


Moderator:  Michael Cherock, PE – President and CEO, AE Works

Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for purpose has translated into AE Works’ evolution from a start up to a successful business employing 40 people in its Pittsburgh headquarters and offices in State College, PA and Washington, DC.  In addition to firm growth, design and social impact awards, Michael was recognized as SBA’s Small Business Person of the Year for Pennsylvania in 2014 and also as an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014.

As CEO of AE Works, Michael is responsible for overall execution of the firm, the satisfaction of Clients, and the strategies for business continuity, innovation and growth of the firm.