From the CEO

June 5th, 2020

I am deeply saddened by the jarring racial injustices that we continue to witness as a country.

We grieve and we stand with our Black teammates, friends, partners and clients at this difficult time and we will continue to stand on the side of equity and justice always. There is no place for hatred, white supremacy, violence or inequality in our workplaces, our community or our country.

We cannot undo the pain of this moment, but we can and do pledge to do our part to affect positive change.  Our vision to create a world where everyone is relevant is more important now than ever.  And that starts with showing up. It involves speaking up. That is how change happens.

The past couple months have been trying with the pandemic that has killed many of our fellow citizens, sent millions to the unemployment line, and stoked fear about the very air we breathe.  We now face a civil unrest as a society whose compounding effect with the pandemic could alter our way of American life.  We even had to bury one of our own whose spirit of kindness the world needs more than ever.  We are indeed in troubled time.  But a downfall is not inevitable. In the spirit of leaders who have shaped my thinking, I know that we are never out of options to create the future we envision.

As a company, AE Works actively works to represent kindness with strength through our values, maxims, and the actions to be a B Corp. That is how we lead. It’s why we decided to become a B Corp, part of a community that meets a higher standard of social and environmental accountability to challenge ourselves to be the company we want to be.

We showcase our spirit in the daily work we undertake to improve the lives of the sick, empower the work of the gifted to help find cures, and support those working in the community to make a difference in the lives of many.  We believe that there are fixes to hard problems if we open our eyes to our own biases and have the courage to face our own blindspots.  In the face of adversity, we show up with our values.

Thank you to our team at AE Works for sharing our values with others. Together, we work toward our vision of creating a world where everyone is relevant.