Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challenge Awards

September 18th, 2017
Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge

Our TBL is at work – we made a difference for our region’s sustainability.  We are excited to share that AE Works was a top scorer in Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge in the Small Business category!  An overview of the competition’s results and energy savings is below and also in the PA Environmental Digest.

What is the Green Workplace Challenge (GWC)?
Organized by Sustainable Pittsburgh, through its Champions for Sustainability Sustainable Business network, the GWC is a yearlong, friendly competition for businesses, nonprofits, universities, and local governments to track and measure improvements in energy, water, waste, and transportation.

The competition involves using a Playbook that provides over 250 green and other sustainable actions that participants can take to earn points, verification, and recognition.  Each sector competes within its own category. The 2016-2017 GWC included the following categories: Micro, Small, Medium, Large Business; Micro, Small, Medium Nonprofit; University; Small and Large Municipalities.  There was also a “mini” 21-week competition for K-12 Schools.


Green Workplace Challenge Collective Results

  • 90 employers from throughout southwestern Pennsylvania completed the challenge—nearly double from previous competition
  • 2,009 validated actions were taken by the competitors during this competition. Each action adds up to make a big difference!


  • The water savings during this competition are greater than the three previous GWC competitions combined.
  • Participants saved 33 million gallons of water—enough to cover the playing surface of PNC Park up to 46.3 feet deep!


  • GWC competitors saved $1.3 million in energy costs.
  • This is enough energy to power 1,562 average U.S. homes for a year (16,889,806 kWh of energy savings). The amount of energy saved equates to all of the owner-occupied homes in the 15219 zip code, which includes parts of Downtown, Polish Hill, Uptown, Hill District, and North Oakland.

Greenhouse Gas:

  • Competitors reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 11,662 US tons.
  • Competitors prevented 1.22 US tons of PM 2.5 from entering the atmosphere.
  • Competitors reduced methane emissions by 2,537 pounds.