Highlighted AE Work-er – Sandy Miller, Controller

August 11th, 2017
Pittsburgh Architecture firm

With the DNA of an accountant, our controller Sandy brings a commitment to calm and steady order. For each decision, question or discussion, she is dedicated to providing the needed data to position AE Works for success.

Sandy’s love of numbers and people is shown through her care and attention to detail with every interaction. Her professionalism makes an impression on our clients and they appreciated her dedication to getting things right, follow-through, and above all else, working with integrity. Her calming influence and steadiness has undoubtedly supported our growth over the past few years and got her voted as AE Works Support Staffer of the Year – two years in a row!

Sandy has been with AE Works for almost five years and will soon be retiring to new travels and adventures.   In this Q&A she shares what it’s been like working at AE Works:

Q: What have you enjoyed most about working at AE Works?
A.  AE Works’ B Corp status and our social and eco projects have helped me experience a different level of teamwork and also shown me the impact of our work in the community and in people’s lives. I’ve never worked for a company before that cared about their clients and the communities we live and work in. From visiting a built project to spending a day working on a farm to riding along with team members to see what they do to deliver projects, these experiences have made me feel even more a part of the AE Works team and understand how my role contributes to our mission.

Q: What do you love about being an accountant?
A.  I like making order out of chaos and keeping things flowing smoothly.   As a part of the administration team, if we do our part right, it helps give everyone else the environment and freedom they need to do their jobs right.   I like being a part of a great client experience.

Q: Share something that you’ve learned at AE Works
A.  So much!  I’ve learned that there’s more than one way to look at things and that different perspectives matter.  I’ve also never worked anywhere that there was a vision that was communicated to everyone or that was so dedicated to helping us be the best that we can possibly be.  At AE Works, we have a plan and can see actions and decisions made to move forward to accomplish that goal.  That is pretty awesome.

Q:  Advice to current and future AE Work-ers?
A. Turn in your timesheet on time. I have to get that in one last time!

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