History Looks toward the Future at Soldiers & Sailors

January 5th, 2016
Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum

Lights impact the environment around us, lining streetscapes to highlight the beauty and intrigue of a city and twinkle brightly inside beckoning with the comfort of home.  Evoking emotion, lights connect us to community, spaces and people.

This unifying and storytelling capacity of light is the focus of future planned renovations at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum Trust, Inc. (Soldiers & Sailors).    In an effort continuing to improve the facility and infrastructure, an ongoing number of projects are in process to preserve the historical integrity while incorporating LEED and sustainable design strategies that are focused on the future.  Façade, walkway and interior lighting upgrades are planned in a suite of capital improvements focused on energy efficiency, preserving the history of this important building and highlighting the majestic architecture of this National Register of Historic Places landmark.

To support these lighting upgrades, Soldiers & Sailors received a $50,000 grant from the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County Community Infrastructure & Tourism Fund, which AE Works helped secure.

Aesthetics are certainly a driver of the upgrades along with energy savings.  On average in the United States, lighting consumes 30-50% of a building’s energy.   The majority of lighting energy is consumed by over illumination, older lamping with high wattages in the fixtures, and improper design.

Phase I of the lighting upgrades covered by the grant focus on the behind the walls infrastructure to help Soldiers & Sailors realize potential for energy savings, lower maintenance costs and better overall light quality for the building through upgrade of lighting and controls. Dependent on future funding, Phase II will focus on exterior lighting improvements as well as interior upgrades to help preserve the artifacts in the Museum.

The lighting upgrades follow many investments in the facility, including a green roof that is one of the largest in the City and water conservation initiative that will save 1,234 gallons daily and 2,656 gallons during events, on average. These renovations at Soldiers & Sailors focus on not only preserving one of Pittsburgh’s oldest landmarks, but also demonstrating its commitment to conserving energy and focus on the future.