Why building design is important for branding your medical cannabis business

May 9th, 2018
medical cannabis dispensary design

Your space is an opportunity to physically represent your business. From material selection and colors to the interior layout and flow of people and product, the many facets of building design come together to represent your brand.

The design of your space can support your brand in three key areas:

  1. Patient experience: The building layout guides patients throughout your physical space. Strategic design ensures the space is accessible, comfortable and efficient.   This allows for unencumbered flow throughout the dispensary and ensures privacy.  Knowledge of how people positively experience space and materials is critical in creating an environment where patients feels at ease, relaxed and supported in their health and wellness journeys.
  2. Staff experience: Was there ever a space or building that you enjoyed inhabiting? Maybe it was the natural light or ceiling height.  Perhaps it was the unique selection of materials and colors that made you feel especially comfortable.  Developing spaces that deliver a great experience is done with intent and a focus on the experience you want others to have.  Creating a professional, welcoming and secure space for staff is important for many reasons –  engagement, hiring and retention among those reasons.   The building design can help reflect a safe, professional and sophisticated image of your company to staff and also show that the staff working in legal medical dispensaries are both knowledgeable and approachable.
  3. Integration into the community: The exterior of your physical space becomes part of your neighbor’s lives and is likely seen by many passing by daily. Whether a stand-alone building with green space or a storefront along a city street, your presence can positively or negatively impact the community. Scale, signage, accessible pathways, landscaping, transparency, availability of parking and many other design elements can have a very real impact on your brand and your neighborhood.

Your physical building impacts how the community, patients, caregivers and staff see your business, and how they experience it.   Combing the technical aspects of building design with an understanding of people’s perceptions and behaviors strengthens your brand and guides the experience of patients and staff in your physical space.

Read more in Dispense Magazine about how building design can support your brand and enable a patient-centered experience.

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