Never Forget

September 11th, 2020

Today is 9/11. A date that is forever cemented in this country’s history. A date that we as Americans remember vividly. A date we remember where we were when we heard the horrible news.

I want to share a few words about this important day. And before I share a brief note, I want to simply thank those on our team and with whom we work who served our country. I know that day changed your lives forever and those of your family.  I’m forever grateful for your sacrifice.  

I was at Penn State, in town at the local Panera Bread catching up on some work before class. Time halted as I watched the news and the terrifying images of the day unfold.

In that moment, when everything felt so dark, I felt an overwhelming sense of duty to serve again. My time in the military was over. But my work as an engineer and business person was just beginning. A vision for a company I had yet to start became clear in my mind.  I wanted to belong to a company that would positively impact the lives of others. I wanted a new unit to serve with and make an impact. And I knew I would need to do that through planning, design and delivery of buildings that would allow people to connect to one another, feel comfort in healthy and safe spaces, and help people fulfill their own purpose in life.

That day the vision of AE Works was born – to create a world where everyone is relevant.  I didn’t state it that way then, but the feeling I had only felt before under the sea – a sense of duty – was reignited. 

That vision continues to be guided by our core values of leadership, integrity and craftsmanship and by a team committed to sharing those values and vision with others, to positively impact their lives.

This day we remember and pay tribute to those whose lives were lost and injured in the attacks, first responders, and the many who have served to defend our freedom. We remember our values as a country and think about own vision for a better world.