New church commemorates Saint Kilian Parish centennial

August 10th, 2015
St. Kilian Parish Cranberry Township

To meet the needs of the growing Catholic community of Saint Kilian Parish, AE Works was commissioned to design a new church in Cranberry Township.  Honoring the legacy of the community’s faith, the new church commemorates the Parish’s centennial year in 2017.

Since its founding in 1917, Saint Kilian Parish has steadily grown as a result of a development in Cranberry Township and recent realignment of local parish boundaries.

“In 2002, our parish territory was enlarged to include half of Cranberry Township and all of Adams Township. Since then, our parishioners have been moving from place to place as we have continued to grow larger.  It has been our goal to find a permanent home where we can accommodate our parish of over 11,000 people,” says Reverend Charles S. Bober, Pastor of Saint Kilian Parish.

With seating for 1,200 in the main worship area, the design incorporates a full range of spaces, including a hall with a commercial kitchen, meeting rooms, offices, and other facilities to support worship and other Parish functions.  Complete with stained glass windows, a bell tower, specialized lighting solutions and other unique details, the design celebrates Saint Kilian’s heritage and community.

“Design dramatically impacts the experience of a space.  Lighting, the texture of materials and the use of space and sound create a powerful connection, heightening the purpose of the building as a space for worship, prayer and fellowship.  All the details help foster strong connections with the Catholic faith tradition of the Parish community,” expresses Richard Witt, Jr., AIA, Chief Design Officer at AE Works.

One such design detail involves integrating stained glass windows at prominent locations in the main worship area for all to enjoy from both inside and outside the church.  Adorned with imagery that is enhanced by ample natural light, these stained glass windows express the history and unity of the Parish community’s faith.

“Buildings bring people together and this new church does just that. I’m humbled that we’ve had the opportunity to contribute our craft to support the mission of the Parish,” conveys AE Works’ President Michael Cherock.

An overview of the project and a walk through video of the church can be viewed online by visiting

“For a parish, the life of its community takes place around the Eucharist, the sacraments, and the gathering of its people – and the church is where this takes place. Our parishioners cannot wait to walk through the doors of their new church and celebrate the Mass and sacraments knowing that this is where we belong. It will be a place of beauty, a place of peace, a place where we can celebrate life with Christ, and a place we can finally call home,” says Father Bober.


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