Case Study: Campus Physical Security Assessment

August 20th, 2019
security risk consulting

In a world of ever evolving risk, security of critical assets and functions requires developing a security plan that addresses all aspects of the threats and vulnerabilities specific to an organization’s operations. With experience spanning Anti-terrorism, Operations, Emergency Management, and Physical Security in addition to the planning and design of public safety and other mission critical facilities, AE Works understands the need to address the threats and risks facing organizations today.   We offer an inclusive process to completing a security needs assessment and providing recommendations and training that incorporate the latest methodologies and technology for mitigation.    

Our security professionals realize that security must have minimal impact on normal daily functions in order to be embraced. To support this need, we analyze day‐to‐day facility operations, protocols, and design standards.   We complete thorough on-site inspections and data analysis to develop a comprehensive threat-risk picture and mitigation measures.



Mitigation options and estimates were developed to upgrade the physical security of a government campus.  The project involved the assessment of the current physical security of the entire site, access roads and parking areas, and providing recommendations to improve overall security at the site.


The client had excellent procedures in place and with one exception, all buildings on the campus were adequately covered with electronic security systems. Following physical security surveys completed during both day and night, AE Works’ security experts recommended strategies for mitigating vehicular hazards. These recommendations focused on strengthening already in place security measures with minimal disruption to site access and parking available.

To maintain an open, welcoming campus and environment for staff and visitors, AE Works provided plans for placement of aesthetically pleasing anti-vehicle measures to improve protection without making the facility look like a demilitarized zone. Lighting recommendations were given to improve night shift staff safety and while also increasing the effectiveness of outward-facing cameras.

Assisting the client in their ability to obtain the funds needed to make these improvements, AE Works provided budget justification for the additional electronic security system coverage by thoroughly analyzing the client’s policy and showing that the unprotected area contained a mission critical support system.

Complete with cost estimates, the options provided encompassed potential fencing, lighting, controlled gate access and natural landscaping.



  • Security assessments completed at day and night
  • Electronic security assessment
  • Identification of mitigation measures, including application of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Review of security processes
  • Cost estimates