Looking to get the best value and manage risk on your building project? Introducing AE Works’ Project Services

June 24th, 2019
Owner Representation Pittsburgh

At AE Works, we design spaces so that they can be built.  Construction is very much a part of what we do as architects, engineers and building consultants.  Seeing the importance of different perspectives, including construction, is why AE Works’ Project Services was created.  Led by industry professionals with construction management expertise and years of in the field experience, AE Works’ Project Services is focused on managing risk, overall value management and providing clients with the options they need to meet their building and business needs.

Shane Goodman, LEED AP is AE Works’ Manager of Project Services.  In this role, he is focused on overall project delivery, driving service excellence and mitigating risk on projects.   With a background in Construction Management and years of managing pre-construction teams, Shane brings a hands-on build-ability perspective to AE Works’ projects.

In this month’s Q&A, Shane shares more about Project Services and how these services can help even before you have your project defined.

Q. What areas of expertise does Project Services provide?

A. Our three key areas are focused on driving service and design excellence for our clients.   These services include Program Management, Owner Representation and Cost Management.

  • Program Management includes direction, management and implementation of projects and transformative activities to help clients meet their strategic goals.  Some examples of support include: Project Feasibility Studies, Program Planning and Management, Scheduling, Master Budget Development and Cost Management.
  • As an Owner Representative for a client, we oversee all the details of a project, ensuring your best interests are represented in every decision, throughout each stage of the design and construction.  Services include: Feasibility Studies, Scheduling and Project Phasing, Budgeting and Expense Tracking, Bid Evaluation, On-site Inspections, Change Order Management and Post Occupancy Services.
  • Cost Management is all about accurately forecasting the cost of projects and analyzing options to improve value and reduce risk.  Services range from Cost Estimating and Value Analysis to Life Cycle Cost Analysis.

Q. During what phase(s) can Project Services be involved on a project?

A. Project Services can support throughout the entire project lifecycle from the earliest stages of scope development to construction completion. We have been involved in all phases of a project so that gives us flexibility to jump in at any point to help our clients.  Some examples of how we have supported our clients recently include:

  • Site analysis and selection
  • Project schedule and budget development
  • Overall project / program management
  • Bid evaluation
  • Project scope development
  • Construction Management

Achieving building occupancy is a multi-step process with lots of moving parts.  We aim to make it as streamlined as possible with integrated Project Services to oversee the details of a project, ensuring our client’s best interests are represented.  With knowledge of business, design and construction, we serve as a trusted adviser to tame building project complexities and help our clients meet their project goals.

For example, on a recent laboratory project, early involvement of Project Services was critical in helping to advance the best design solution quickly.   We developed options, evaluating various configurations for storage and laboratory space.  This proactive approach allowed AE Works to work closely with our client to consider, review and clearly understand the functionality, cost and impacts of each layout.  Having this information early on allowed us to explore different options and inject creativity to advance the best solution that met the client’s goals.

Q. Budget is an important factor on projects. What is AE Works’ approach to value management?

A. Our team is focused on getting the best value out of a design idea to make our client’s budget go further.  That means we have constant discussion and feedback on cost and constructability to produce a better coordinated design and an overall better product.

Putting this into practice, we helped standardize a commercial client’s building design standards across their geographic footprint to provide a distinctive “look and feel” consistent with their brand and vision.  Finishes and materials were an important part of this effort as these items not only impact aesthetics, but also the budget for projects now and in the future.  To help in understanding the impact of both cost and aesthetics, AE Works completed estimating studies on a range of finish options to have information on the cost per square foot and other important information like durability to support the client’s decision-making process.

With Project Services’ integrated approach, we create design solutions that not only consider aesthetics, space and systems, but also how it will actually be built and what it will cost.

Q. Last word – what’s the difference maker of Project Services?

A. We want to be a true partner to our clients and help them by providing data, analysis and options so they can be in the decision-making seat – with confidence.  Often a building renovation or move is decided on before understanding the schedule impacts, risks and costs. There is upfront value having design involved earlier.  Is a project feasible? We provide data and options for you.

Leveraging in-house design, programming and construction expertise, we give owners one line of communication and risk management from Day 1.  We serve as an advocate for our clients and share analysis on risks, costs and other impacts so they can make the best decision for their business.


Have questions or interested in learning more now? Reach out to our team at aeworksinfo@ae-works.com

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