Acupuncture Clinic, Canandaigua VA Medical Center

July 21st, 2015
acupuncture clinic design

This 2,100-SF renovation transformed existing basement space into a new Acupuncture and Chiropractic Clinic with new energy efficiency mechanical and lighting systems.

AE Works worked closely with the VAMC to develop a flexible exam room solution to accommodate both clinics. Additionally, because of the basement location, limited space existed above the ceilings for pipes and architectural elements such as patient lift systems and privacy curtains. The clinic was also far from the building’s main mechanical systems and without nearby steam, chilled water, or air handling systems access.

AE Works embraced these constrains, collaboratively working together to develop a design solution that not only maximized the clinic’s available space, but also increased energy efficiency.

Centered on making patients feel comfortable, the design maximized access to natural light and incorporated warm and rich colors. Supporting the VA’s commitment to sustainability, an efficient VRF heat recovery system was incorporated to provide space temperature control with both heating and cooling capabilities. Energy-efficient lighting and associated controls enable both the office and clinical functions.