Dining Hall Renovation, Bath VA Medical Center

August 31st, 2016
dining hall renovation

Improving the dining experience, this modernization project upgraded dining hall finishes and infrastructure systems in addition to incorporating a new serving line to expand food options. 

Many of Bath VAMC’s buildings are eligible for inclusion on the historic register. Projects like this dining hall renovation upgrade space in older buildings, which involve environmental, historical, dated infrastructure and other considerations.

The new serving line added space for an electronic menu board, charbroiler, hot food wells, soup wells, sandwich unit, salad station and beverage and condiment stations. Improving ventilation and control humidity, a new suspended ceiling now rests below the existing ceiling, creating a more intimate setting and improving acoustics. Additionally, new light fixtures and dimming capabilities provide better overall lighting and the ability to change light levels depending on the amount of daylight entering the room or for special events.