Control Room, ATI Metals

November 25th, 2014
mill control room design

A part of a new $1.2 steel mill development, this one-of-a-kind control room is integral to mill operations. AE Works provided conceptual design services for the fit-out of the space.

From monitoring plant production and supporting preventative maintenance to showcasing the mill’s products, the control room facilitates critical operations of this 24/7 production facility.

The control room layout focuses on transparency and uninterrupted lines of sight to meet the need for continued operations and monitoring. Strategically placed glass and open space enhance visibility while capturing an opportunity for design.

In addition, as the space serves as a central exhibit for showcase to visitors, the team focused on capturing the intrigue of the mill’s work and products. Photographs and art adorn the hall, creating a sense of entry and interest in the control room operations. Incorporating materials used and manufactured in the mill, the design shares the story of ATI with the use of raw steel for columns and throughout the space.