Chiller Plant Upgrade, Lexington VA Medical Center

February 5th, 2015
chiller plant engineering design

Following completion of this project, a new 2700-ton chiller plant is now serving the VA Lexington campus, Cooper Division.  Upgrades are estimated to save over 1M kWh per year.  This gain in efficiency results in an annual savings of approximately $70,000.

The engineering solution incorporates a new 1,250 ton chiller, also replacing the cooling towers and pumping equipment for the entire plant.  The pumping equipment is now centralized, providing operating convenience and a more secure location.   An upgraded electrical system serving Building 4 includes a new electrical substation, which has capacity to serve new equipment along with accommodating future growth.  Additionally, a remote chiller, which provides emergency chilled water to the air handling units serving the Operating Room area in case the main chiller plant is not functioning, was also replaced.