Microbac Laboratories, Inc., Pittsburgh Laboratory Renovation

June 15th, 2018
Food testing laboratory design

Microbac’s Warrendale, PA laboratory location serves as a Center of Excellence for their food testing clients – performing a wide range of microbiology and chemistry analyses to ensure food safety and quality. This renovation expresses Microbac’s commitment to a culture of transparency and teamwork, as well as a work flow design to suit ideal customer experience from start to finish.

Incorporating modularity and sustainable practices, the space provides maximum flexibility and efficiency both now and for future needs of the laboratory. Microbac’s established brand reputation – as an industry leader committed to differentiating service and quality standards – comes to life within all aspects of this physical space. Through expressions of brand color families, open sight lines to encourage communication and collaboration, and use of texture that enhance the work environment, Microbac is poised to leverage teamwork and productivity to optimize the quality of work it delivers to its clients every day.