Physical Access Control and Site Security Upgrade, Healthcare campus

August 31st, 2016
healthcare facility physical security

This project upgrades the campus perimeter security and keying system at an urban healthcare campus, which includes over 20 buildings and 1.5 million sq. ft.   As a part of this phased project which involved study and design phases, AE Works investigated various systems for securing rooms and made recommendations to the client. The campus presents many challenges as it is on an open, downtown site. To combat such challenges, the study and investigation phase included an involved threat and vulnerability assessment with the design phase to incorporate study recommendations.

The design phase involved thorough site investigations to upgrade the physical mechanical locks of approximately 4,500 doors and the electronic access control for 150 doors to comply with HSPD-12 (PID) to meet current security standards for this busy campus.  A second phase will improve security systems at 6 additional satellite buildings.