Terrace Green Roof, Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall

November 25th, 2014
largest green roof in Pittsburgh

The renovation of Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum’s terrace-level roof increases insulation, corrects moisture infiltration issues, enhances aesthetics and also incorporates green technologies as part of a master plan to update the historic facility.

Through careful investigation, AE Works discovered that stormwater was backing up through the rain water leaders causing damage to interior ornate plaster work.  Estimates to correct this ailment were in the tens of thousands.   To preserve aesthetics and save money, we instead addressed the problem from the exterior by creating access for new, water-tight connections.

Moreover, the addition of a green roof reduced the quantity of water being put into the stormwater system, further reducing the likelihood of system back-up.  The vegetated system covers 54% of the roof, making it one of the largest in Pittsburgh!

To ensure that the roof is always taken care of, the design also provides walkways for maintenance. As a bonus, SSMH has been giving tours of the roof during select events and providing visitors with an up-close look at sustainable design – not to mention great views! This experience and highly visible commitment to sustainability showcases the true specialness of SSMH in the community, as a part of Veterans history and as a leader in the region with a future-looking vision.