When can security input best add value to your capital project?

March 26th, 2018

In an increasingly complex world, creating safe environments requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Physical security adds value and is most seamless when integrated into built environments long before they are constructed.

Involving a security professional from the onset of a building project can help deliver a more aesthetically pleasing, safer and more cost effective design.  From understanding the unique threat-risk picture to vulnerabilities current plans introduce, incorporating security from the onset of a building project has the potential to not only produce a safer building, but also benefit your project in many other ways.

Before you begin your next capital project, here’s a primer on how security can impact three aspects of your project, if integrated into the planning and design process early on:

  • Produce a safer environment without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics:  The incorporation of physical security into the design process supports engineers and architects in understanding vulnerabilities that design options introduce.  Working closely with a security professional, a design option can be developed early on that produces a safer space without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.
  • Input to the most visible aspects of your building –  the architecture. When security is woven into a project from the beginning, there is the ability to integrate principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). CPTED principles are focused on manipulating the built environment to produce behavioral effects that are likely to reduce the incidence of crime and fear of crime.   CPTED uses natural elements and elements of the design together to create a holistic security solution. Lighting, natural access control and surveillance can be integrated into your building project seamlessly without the visual impacts of security measures such as gates and bollards. This is especially important on a higher education campus where the feeling of open access is important.
  • More economical.  With diverse perspectives upfront, including that of physical security professional, the team can work together at the onset of a project to develop a solution together that not only meets programmatic requirements, but also is more secure.  Changes at early stages in the project can be accomplished much more easily than in later stages or after construction.

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