Sharing the Love of Learning and Design

January 6th, 2016
Penn State A/E program

A lot goes into making a building function beyond selecting paint colors and furnishings.   Designs are the sum of a lot of ideas, conversations and exploration.  We had the opportunity to share the love of learning and design with students in the Penn State AE (Architectural Engineering) Program.

Supporting students in experiencing first-hand the collaboration that is very much a key element of design during their fall semester Architectural Design Analysis class, we provided the class with an initial conceptual design of one of our projects.  As a part of their coursework, engineering students in the fall semester ARCH 441 Architectural Design Analysis class further developed this concept to a more refined design complete with site analysis, cost estimates, sustainability considerations and a space/program analysis.

Divided into teams, students advanced the concept example of our residential healthcare building, exploring how architecture and engineering elements can be applied to help people heal.  The interaction among the teams was enriched by two critiques, which involved the feedback of professors, students and several architects and engineers from AE Works at various design stages.   These design efforts culminated in a presentation phase at the end of the past fall semester where students produced final documents, integrating structural, mechanical, and lighting systems to demonstrate their understanding of design and the project.

“Design isn’t a solo venture.  The architectural and engineering of a building is very much a team product.   The ability to understand and work through a process in a team environment that leads to a finished, coordinated product is a fundamental skill of a designer.  We’re very excited to have the opportunity support the Penn State students in their learning of these very important capabilities that will position them to be skilled designers,” asserts Richard Witt, Jr., AIA, Chief Design Officer of AE Works.