Construction of New Southern Beltway Maintenance Facility Project Begins

June 21st, 2019

The design of a new Pennsylvania Turnpike maintenance facility is complete and one step closer to being constructed.  Pittsburgh-based building design and consulting firm, AE Works completed the design of this project, which includes the development of 10 acres and all buildings and infrastructure to provide a fully functional and efficient highway and vehicle maintenance facility.

The $20.3 million construction contract for this project was awarded in May as a multi-prime contract to Nello Construction (General), Wayne Crouse (Plumbing), Schultheis Electric (Electrical), and McKamish (HVAC). The new buildings are expected to be fully completed by November 2020.

“AE Works collaborated with the Turnpike and its other consultants to ensure our design met all of their goals; but also that it was delivered and bid on time to meet the overall Southern Beltway’s targeted open date.  We look forward to working with all of the contractors to ensure that goal will be met in construction.” AE Works Program Manager, Shane Goodman, LEED AP noted.

The new complex will house the personnel, apparatus and materials required to keep PA Turnpike 576, commonly called the Southern Beltway in a good state of repair and readiness to ensure traveler safety. It will house stockpiles of essential materials such as road salt and other treatments and provide for the upkeep of vital maintenance vehicles and equipment.

AE Works worked closely with the Turnpike and key stakeholders to develop a site plan and corresponding building designs that complement the existing site.

“We worked together to optimize the site layout and building design. Our shared goal on this project is to provide a modern, highly efficient maintenance campus to support travel along this new highway and those working daily to keep our roads safe and in top condition,” AE Works Program Manager, Shane Goodman, LEED AP describes.

That vision extends to the future with longevity a key consideration in the design. Supporting more efficient operations and the Turnpike’s values that include stewardship of the environment, AE Works integrated a groundsource geothermal heat pump system, rainwater capture, and other sustainable technologies into the project.

Upon completion, this complex will serve the existing six-mile stretch of the Southern Beltway called the Findlay Connector as well as the 13-mile stretch now in construction between U.S. Route 22 and I-79.

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