Company Culture and Values Resonate with Recent Grad: Meet Tabatha Mix, AE Works Assistant Project Manager

September 4th, 2020

Adding two more Penn State Alums in the Spring of 2020, AE Works talent has strong roots in State College. Joining a growing team of 45 building system engineers, construction managers, architects, interior designers and other building professionals, Tabatha Mix comes to the firm with a Master’s degree in Architectural Engineering, Construction option. She is the newest Assistant Project Manager and member of AE Works Project Services Group, which provides construction management, project management, estimating and scheduling services.

School spirit is apparent at AE Works, and as a former member of the PSU Blue Band, Tabatha feels right at home. She joins eleven other Penn State graduates, including President and CEO, Mike Cherock, PE, who is also a graduate of the AE program. 

“Penn State’s curriculum is one of the best in the country and it prepares you for your professional career,” said Mix. “I chose to do a construction focus because I was interested in the processes of making the building or structure, rather than strictly the design.” She believes that this broader, all encompassing path has given her a better understanding and has allowed her the ability to answer more questions while out in the field.

“When you’re onsite, it’s really important to get to know the owners and management. Not only to keep them in the loop, but to also discuss other project needs they have,” Tabatha shared. “You never know what can happen with the connections you make – it could lead to another project opportunity for your company. It’s important to maintain them for as long as you can.”

Since joining AE Works in June, Mix has been involved in many different projects around the Pittsburgh area. “Being on-site providing construction management services for the restoration of the historic Edgeworth Club has been a great experience. As part of the team, I am right in the middle of the project and can see the everyday progression.”

Leadership, Integrity, and Craftsmanship are the foundations that AE Works is built upon. These values have led the firm to become a certified B Corporation – meeting strict standards of social and environmental performance that puts AE Works in the company of world renowned businesses like Warby Parker, Ben & Jerry’s, and Patagonia. The certification and values are certainly what attracted Tabatha to considering AE Works.

“During my time at the PSU Career Fair, I found myself having long conversations with the employees and relating to the core values of AE Works more than any other company I had talked with. They were interested in me and highly personable – they made me feel comfortable. As a company, they focus on maintaining a sense of community firm-wide, have great communication, care for their employees, and they care about the environment,” she reflects. 

“This first impression was something that really stuck with me, and ultimately led me to choosing to come on full time.” said Tabatha.