The Story of Our Logo

AE_Works_Final_Logo_Icon 200x230This logo shares our triple bottom line (TBL) business model and our commitment to developing social, environmental, and technical capital concurrently. These 3 bottom lines must be in harmony and relate to one another in order for us to be successful and create a world where everyone is relevant. The logo shows the three bottom lines coming together to create a full circle, showing the workflow, the motion and evolution of AE Works. This yin yang inspired symbol creates balance and reveals a protected triangle, our Why, in the center. The structure of these shapes is important; the triangle is represented of focus. If team members focus on the TBL first, the rest will be successful. The interconnectedness and motion in the icon shares our evolution – we are always learning, changing, pulling from our experience to look toward the future. The concept of 3 in the icon shares a lot about AE Works:

  • Rooted in yin / yang – an ancient symbol that shows continuity
  • Our TBL model – all bottom lines equal and important
  • Interdependence, we need all 3 shapes to make a focal point. And these three protect the center core, our WHY
  • Our core values– leadership, integrity, craftsmanship
  • Reveal the different change styles – originator, conservator, pragmatist – we can deal with change
  • Mind, body, spirit and Why, How, What
  • Evoke our history and where we come from – 3 rivers in Pittsburgh

The logo embodies the concept of a sphere or orbit; a range or area over or within, which someone or something acts, exists, has significance, or influence. AE Works has an orbit of influence, no doubt, a world where everyone is relevant, a community in which everyone thrives in an encouraging environment.