Responsive.  Strategic.  Realistic.

Our solutions are rooted in a real understanding of the threats and risks that businesses face today. Whether in support of a real estate
acquisition, building construction, in efforts to achieve compliance with regulations, or simply to better understand your risk, AE Works
helps integrate security measures into buildings, processes and planning.

Our security risk professionals understand the delicate balance between security, efficiency and aesthetics. We deliver security options that integrate seamlessly with your physical space. Our results are focused on creating stunningly beautiful, highly functional
and safer spaces.

Risk-informed facility analysis throughout project life cycle to reduce opportunities for crime and protect what’s important.

Michael Cherock, PE, RCDD – President and CEO
Herb Brychta, PSP, CISPP – Manager, Security Risk Management

Security Compliance Audits

Testing and evaluation of how effectively your organization’s security procedures and resources are put into action.

Are the security services that you are paying for effective?  Are your procedures implemented carefully by employees?  Even if you have a well-documented security program, a weak link can compromise your security and make you vulnerable.  Whether a landlord, tenant, facility manager or concerned executive responsible for security of your building, staff and assets, our security audits can help you expose and mitigate risks before someone else does.

We have the experience and skill to reveal these gaps and a tested insight of what systematic issues create these cracks in otherwise strong security programs.  Our security audit will evaluate how effectively your organization’s security policies are put into action.

Team Qualifications:

  • Certified Physical Security Professional with anti-terrorism and emergency management background

Facility & Campus Security Assessments

Onsite assessment and data analysis to develop a comprehensive threat-risk picture and appropriate mitigation measures.

Our security professionals realize that security must have minimal impact on normal daily functions in order to be embraced. To support this need, we analyze day‐to‐day facility operations, protocols, design and aesthetic standards.   Our thorough facility inspections and plan review give us a 360‐degree comprehensive understanding of facility and organizational operations and the level of security needed for different areas.


  • Security master planning and budgeting
  • Security Standards Development
  • System Evaluation
  • Physical security assessments

Team Qualifications:  
Certified Physical Security Professional with anti-terrorism and emergency management background

Building Design and Assessment

Assess and reduce vulnerabilities in design. Integrated, unobstrusive security solutions that preserve aesthetics, maintain functionality and meet compliance requirements.

In an increasingly complex world, creating safe environments requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Physical security is most seamless when integrated into built environments long before they are constructed.

Involving a security professional from the onset of a building project can help deliver a more aesthetically pleasing, safer and more cost effective design.  From understanding the unique threat-risk picture to vulnerabilities current plans introduce, incorporating security from the onset of a building project has the potential to not only produce a safer building, but also benefit your project in many other ways.

Our team of security professionals has supported site selection and reviewed the building renovation and new construction upgrades of projects throughout the country.   We understand the security needs of all facility construction elements – including architectural, electrical, mechanical and structural systems –  and bring an ability to identify the requirements of each to support a holistic approach to risk reduction.   

We also understand no one security solution fits all.   Each building and each client requires a tailored review that considers the risks specific to location, building type and business offering and intended use of the space.  Our thorough review of construction drawings and master plans  looks at how security can be improved throughout the design.


  • CPTED concept designs
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Advisory Services for Architects, Engineers and Builders


Team Qualifications: Certified Physical Security Professional with anti-terrorism and emergency management background

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