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Leadership. Integrity. Craftsmanship.

At AE Works, our core values are actionable. If you hire us, the results we produce are developed by professionals seeking to answer complex problems thru visioning the future, strategic planning, and high performing execution. Our values guide our decision making, develop our expertise, and shape our engagements. Why hire us is to positively impact organizations, people, and communities.

About AE Works

The mission of AE Works is to transform the lives of people and organizations by creating stunningly beautiful, highly functional, and safer spaces.

We do this by integrating the practices of architecture, planning + strategy, engineering, project services and security risk management to develop innovative, creative, and collaborative solutions to complex problems.  Partnering with our clients and communities, AE Works continually seeks to be an active participant in efforts to improve our world.  We do this by working beyond our professional practice and engaging as stakeholders in change movements we believe in. Collectively, thru practice and participation, AE Workers are on a mission to achieve our vision of a world where everyone is relevant.

The Story of Our Logo

AE_Works_Final_Logo_Icon 200x230This logo shares our triple bottom line (TBL) business model and our commitment to developing social, environmental, and technical capital concurrently. These 3 bottom lines must be in harmony and relate to one another in order for us to be successful and create a world where everyone is relevant. The logo shows the three bottom lines coming together to create a full circle, showing the workflow, the motion and evolution of AE Works. This yin yang inspired symbol creates balance and reveals a protected triangle, our Why, in the center. The structure of these shapes is important; the triangle is represented of focus. If team members focus on the TBL first, the rest will be successful. The interconnectedness and motion in the icon shares our evolution – we are always learning, changing, pulling from our experience to look toward the future. The concept of 3 in the icon shares a lot about AE Works:

  • Rooted in yin / yang – an ancient symbol that shows continuity
  • Our TBL model – all bottom lines equal and important
  • Interdependence, we need all 3 shapes to make a focal point. And these three protect the center core, our WHY
  • Our core values– leadership, integrity, craftsmanship
  • Reveal the different change styles – originator, conservator, pragmatist – we can deal with change
  • Mind, body, spirit and Why, How, What
  • Evoke our history and where we come from – 3 rivers in Pittsburgh

The logo embodies the concept of a sphere or orbit; a range or area over or within, which someone or something acts, exists, has significance, or influence. AE Works has an orbit of influence, no doubt, a world where everyone is relevant, a community in which everyone thrives in an encouraging environment.

Our Evolution

  • May 14, 2007

    It started in a basement. AE Works, then Powerhouse Design and Engineering founded in the basement of President and CEO Michael Cherock’s Pittsburgh Home.

  • December

    We start our work improving healthcare for Veterans. with our 1st VA Medical Center project, a new Generator for Lebanon VA Medical Center, Main Hospital.

  • September

    AE Works becomes an A/E firm, adding architecture services.

  • May, October

    Mechanical Engineering and Plumbing Design add to AE Works’ growing full service capabilities

  • December

    GSA Design Excellence project at Armed Forces Retirement Home begins. AE Works is on the selected team as MEP Engineer for critical infrastructure upgrades

  • January 2010

    AE Works continues to add depth to service offering, adding interior design.

  • January 2011

    With a new logo and name, Powerhouse Design officially becomes AE Works, a Pittsburgh A/E firm focused on collaboration.

  • February

    AE Works' State College office opens. President and CEO Michael Cherock, PE and many team members graduated from Penn State with an architectural engineering degrees and are enthusiastic about the new location near their alma mater.

    Our new State College office provides us the opportunity to draw from the local talent pool and get involved in the community, which has meant so much to us.

  • March

    AE Works continues to add to diverse A/E service offerings, adding security planning and design.

  • August

    AE Works makes the Pittsburgh 100 for the 1st time as the 4th fastest growing company in Pittsburgh.

  • August

    AE Works SOCIAL team founded.

    Our SOCIAL team is dedicated to demonstrating firm commitment to growing social capital through three committees:

    • FIT: Wellness. Encouraging staff to participate in activities promoting healthy living focusing on Food / Diet, Activity, Mental and Environmental.
    • FORWARD: Community, paying it forward. Providing opportunities to raise awareness of local communities and give back.
    • FUN: Social. Cultivating stronger relationships and creating community among AE Works’ team members through a wide variety of social events.

  • September

    AE Works makes the Inc. 5000 List in slot #735 as the #4 fastest growing A/E firm in the country.

  • October

    AE Works becomes a Triple Bottom Line Business, a place where people can make a difference by engaging with one another, local communities and their craft – architecture and engineering.  

  • April

    AE Works expands in State College – a new, larger office opens to support our commitment to creating jobs and growing in the region.

  • May

    PA and Western PA Small Business of the Year. AE Works Prez Michael Cherock honored

  • June

    AE Works Prez Michael Cherock recognized as EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Service Category Award Winner for Western PA and West Virginia.

  • August

    Inc. 2014 List as a fastest growing A/E firm in the country for 2 consecutive years

  • September

    This is how we roll - to reduce our footprint associated with company travel and also enhance quality of life for our staff, AE Works adds our own "Love Shuttle" supported by our travel coordinator Eric.

  • November

    AE Works achieves B Corp certification. Business needs to serve people, planet, and profit. AE Works is a business that will meet this mandate by being the change we seek.

  • December

    We get a new look! It’s not just cooler, but it shares our story and why we exist – to create a world where everyone is relevant.

  • January

    Supporting AE Works’ goal to be a sustainable, learning organization and continued work as a B Corp, an ECO Chair is created to focus on three areas: footprint, knowledge, and governance. Our newly appointed ECO Chair, JoAnn Rizzo, champions projects to reduce energy consumption inside and outside the office and activities related to company regulations and policies, ensuring fulfillment of AE Works’ triple bottom line business model.

  • May

    ImPAct Awards

    The Governor’s ImPAct Awards recognizes companies throughout the state in five categories: Community Impact, Entrepreneurial Impact, Export Impact, Jobs That Pay, and Small Business Impact. AE Works was recognized with the Small Business ImPAct Award. This award is given to a small business, with 100 or fewer employees, that has been an innovator within its industry, demonstrated revenue/profit growth, increased its workforce, and demonstrated committed to the growth and development of its employees and community.

  • August

    For the third consecutive year, AE Works makes the Inc. 5000 list. AE Works earned recognition as the 21st fastest growing A/E firm in the country. The aggregate growth rate of the engineering industry is 117%. With a growth rate of 222%, AE Works’ growth is nearly double that of the industry.

  • April

    AE Works recognized as PA Sustainable Small Business. We were selected because of our excellent track record in key sustainability areas as well as social responsibility.

  • June

    AE Works named as U.S. Chamber of Commerce Blue Ribbon Winner. The award recognizes 100 small businesses for their success and contributions to America’s economic growth and vitality. Winners were selected from a record number of applicants from communities across the country. They were judged in four key categories: strategic planning, employee development, customer service, and community involvement.

  • August

    For the fourth consecutive year, AE Works is on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies!

  • September

    AE Works receives recognition as Best for Workers,
    Creating Most Overall Positive Employee Impact. The Best for Workers list includes businesses that earned a Workers score in the top 10 percent of more than 1,800 Certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment.

  • AE Works celebrates 10th year anniversary

    On May 14, 2007, Prez Michael Cherock, PE started AE Works in the basement of his Pittsburgh home.  Fast-forward 10 years, we're a growing team of thirty-five, contributing our craft and creativity, our humility, and our desire for a better world in everyday activities.  

  • New HQ for AE Works

    AE Works marks ten years in business and continues on the path of growth with the move of their corporate headquarters. With the relocation, AE Works moves from Larimer Township to the action, innovation and culture surrounding PNC Park, The Andy Warhol museum and new development at Nova Place in the historic North Side, an area which is setting pace for urban life in the city.

    Now experiencing the firm’s largest growth period yet, this larger space on two floors of 209 Sandusky Street allows AE Works to grow and add new staff.

  • AE Works makes ENR's Top Mid-Atlantic Design Firms

    AE Works makes Engineering News Record's 2017 Top Mid-Atlantic Design firms.

  • AE Works adds Project Services

    AE Works continues to evolve the delivery of traditional A/E services with the addition of Project Services, which includes specialization in Construction Management, Program Management, Estimating and Owner Representation. These services provide our clients with project delivery management focused on controlling costs, driving
    service excellence and mitigating risks.

  • Expansion in the DC Region

    AE Works opens a new office in Arlington, VA. This new office provides a central location for architecture, engineering and contract management of the firm’s work with federal agencies and other clients in the region. The growth in the Washington, D.C. region is in response to AE Works securing several on-call and ongoing contracts with federal agencies including National Institute of Health, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Workplace Safety services added

    The workplace is changing. New OSHA safe harbor provisions, landmark security cases in review, rising costs of facilities management and the constant challenge of talent acquisition and retention – all of these areas impact workplace safety and security.

    With a comprehensive Workplace Safety program that spans security, emergency management, and occupational health and safety, AE Works helps you mitigate risk, incorporate best practices and protect your business resiliency.