Celebrating World Architecture Day

October 7th, 2019

Winston Churchill once remarked, “We shape our buildings; therefore they shape us.”  Today, the first Monday of October, marks World Architecture Day, a day to appreciate the buildings and spaces that shape our lives as Churchill described.

To celebrate this day and the importance of architecture in our lives, we asked AE Works architects and designers why they chose architecture as a career and what about the built environment gets them energized.

Fred Santoro, an AE Works architect, describes,

“the results of our work last for decades and have a tremendous impact on people’s lives.  As architects, our goal is to shape spaces in a way that gives people positive experiences. I became an architect because it is a profession with a purpose.”

long-term care design

Purpose drives the form and function of a building.  It guides a person’s flow throughout a space, crafting an experience for those working, visiting or living there.

That ability to transform lives is what energizes Steve Bucha, an architectural designer for over fifteen years.  Steve recognized his passion for architecture while looking over blueprints that his grandfather and other family members in the construction business brought home.  To him, architecture is all about people. Steve shares,

“it’s about seeing a space or building make someone’s life better. I love the opportunity to create something that has a meaningful impact on someone’s day.”

The personal nature of architecture is what inspires Angella Dariah, an AE Works Intern Architect in her work.  After working at a daycare, Angie quickly became interested in how building design influenced children’s behavior and went to school to study architecture.  She reflects,

“Architecture matters because it has the power to dictate a person’s emotions and reactions. When you walk into a space, you are immediately approached by an emotion, good or bad, and that to me is powerful.”

Architectural professional standards are focused on health, safety and welfare.  Zack Skwara, an architectural designer at AE Works describes why those standards matter. office planning and design

“I consider architectural design to be more than just form-based, functional, or aesthetically pleasing. Architecture needs to add value to what is already existing, solve cultural problems, and provide a service that nourishes our everyday lives at both a macro and micro scale. For me, architecture has always been about the people – how they benefit, exist, experience, and enjoy the built environment,” Zack asserts.

Creating spaces that transform the lives of people and organizations drives building design solutions at AE Works.

Architecture sets the stage for our daily lives. As you walk in your community or around where you work, look around at the buildings.  How has architecture impacted your life?  What is one of your favorite spaces?