Meet Zack Skwara, AE Works Architectural Designer on a mission to make a positive impact on projects and beyond

February 3rd, 2020

A 2016 graduate of Kent State’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED), Zack Skwara considers architectural design to serve a purpose beyond form, function and aesthetics. His perspective is shaped by a belief and put into practice at AE Works that architecture can serve people and create a world where everyone is relevant.   Zack brings this desire to make a positive impact into his architecture work, team collaborations and with new ideas to shape design and build community at AE Works and beyond.

“For me, architecture has always been about the people – how they benefit, exist, experience, and enjoy the built environment. Architecture has the opportunity to add value to our everyday lives,” Zack elaborates on his passion for architecture.

As an Architectural Designer at AE Works, Zack has worked on healthcare, government and corporate interiors projects for organizations that impact our society with the important work they do such as life-saving research, ensuring clean water to communities and providing patient-focused healthcare.

Zack shares more about his work, “my role as a designer has grown so much since my time at the CAED.  At AE Works, I’m working with and presenting to clients that I would have never imagined I would have had the opportunity to stand in front of and discuss architecture.”

From new laboratory spaces that help researchers work more efficiently to developing options for a “workplace of the future,” Zack is working closely with building systems engineers, interior designers, project managers and security professionals to develop design solutions that advance the missions of AE Works clients.  Solutions that are highly functional, stunningly beautiful and safer.  Spaces that transform the lives of people and organizations.

“The work produced by our team is dynamic. The AE Works culture is gratifying.  AE Works is uniquely structured when compared to other architecture firms – it’s a place where everyone’s ideas matter and what you produce matters,” Zack asserts.

Having an opportunity to contribute ideas and shape design is what gets Zack excited every morning.  He continues to embrace this opportunity to contribute.  Presenting design ideas to clients and leading the planning, design and building of AE Works’ Canstruction structure, which supported a local food bank, are just a few examples of how Zack brings his energy, ideas and enthusiasm for thoughtful design to his work.

“AE Works sees the potential in their staff, and through mentoring and training, they prepare you for success in your career. It’s an exciting time in the firm and I’m looking forward to upcoming projects,” Zack articulates.